About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


Mimosa Boys craft mimosas are made from high quality Sonoma County wines and juices. By serving our mimosas on draught, we can cut out all wasted glass and plastic while also allowing for the freshest mimosas available at your local taproom, restaurant, dive bar, waterpark and anywhere else drinks are served. We take brunch very seriously.

Mimosa Boys, Inc. was founded in the spirit of fun after a realization of streamlined sustainability. We will strive to maintain that crisp mimosa taste and always deliver the highest quality beverage. We’re dedicated to buying high-quality, local Sonoma wine by the truck load, mixing it with fruit juice, carbonating it ourselves right into the keg. This means no glass bottle goes to waste and you get to drink a crisp, top shelf mimosa without oxidation. Mimosas are fantastic drink any time of day, and our mimosas will be ready to drink when you are.


The Founders

It was a warm September evening in Freestone, California. Tom and Bryan bustled around the small forest shed they used to make home-brewed beer. That night these two were testing recipes for what they hoped would be the cornerstone beer of their future brewery when the discussion turned to the topic of brunch. “Alright, but how hard would it be to put a mimosa in a keg?” asked Bryan. “Hmmmm, probably not that hard…,” replied Tom. They rushed to the store for materials to test this new idea and, that night, as their West Coast IPA slowly brewed, they sat and drank the first keg of Mimosa boys as Ice Cube played in the background. Today was a good day.

The Priestesses

A critical team within the Mimosa Boys operation is the High Priestesses. These eight women come from all walks of life, rocking varied backgrounds, from business to art, literature and more, but they all share an important commonality: These ladies know how to brunch. 

Their insight has been critical to the shaping of our brand and we are eternally grateful to Erin, Amberleigh, Brookie, Morgan, Chloe, Kaiya, Kim and Sarah (aka Putu) for their help.

The Boys

Everyone is a Mimosa boys: girl, boy, dog, former dinosaur and everything in between but these men are extra special to us.

Our Art Boys at Dyno Creative, Dan, Austin and Alec, managed to turn a funny name and ridiculous idea into a full-blown brand and we would be children coloring on walls with crayons without them.

Our Wine Boys, Dick and Nate, help us find the highest quality wine to use in each mimosa recipe we test. They know the fancy words and the right people to talk to.

The Science

We had no idea there was so much science that goes into crafting a kegged mimosa-it seemed so simple at the brunch table! Thank goodness we have our mimosa tech Kristen (aka K10). Her background in alcohol lab work and creative aerialist training made her the perfect woman to find solutions to the many problems Tom and Bryan create daily.