Fresh and Sustainable
Mimosa on Draught


Mimosa Boys craft mimosas are made from high quality Sonoma County wines and juices. By serving our mimosas on draught, we can cut out all wasted glass and plastic while also allowing for the freshest mimosas available at your local taproom, restaurant, dive bar, waterpark and anywhere else drinks are served. We take brunch very seriously.

What is a Mimosa Boys mimosa?

We use delicious white wine from the hills of Sonoma County and mix it with fresh juice concentrate. This allows us to keep the sugar content low while maintaining the appropriate flavor a mimosa is so famous for.

What is the wine to juice ratio?

Everyone has a different preference for the ratio of the mimosa. Most restaurants will make an even 50/50 split to cut costs but not the Mimosa Boys. After a decade of tireless research, we have finally settled on the 76/24 split. High Speed, Low Drag.

Wait, mimosa is a flower?

YES! And it’s a pretty great one too! Our favorite variation is a green stem with yellow poofy balls coming off the sides. They can been seen growing along the roads in West County Sonoma. There’s also purple, prickly looking ones. Those ones are our favorite too, but less favorite.

How are the Mimosa Boys better for our Earth?

The same amount of mimosa in just one of our 5 gallon sanke kegs, would be 19 bottles of sparkling wine PLUS an additional 1.25 gallons of juice! That’s less glass and less plastic to dispose of and you can feel good about brunching responsibly. At the end of the day, Mimosa Boys kegs are returned, cleaned and refilled! There’s no waste at all!

Do the kegs effect the taste of the wine?

It doesn’t! Not even a little bit. Pinky promise. All of our wine is steel barrel aged and made from a varietal that’s ready to serve. Just like with beer kegs, there are liners, seals and cleaning methods to ensure there is no flavor transfer from the metal keg to it’s delicious mimosa nugget.


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